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Spring Snapshots from the White Mountains

It’s hard to believe that we are now over a week into summer. As I begin to wind down my mileage in advance of the Vermont 100, I find myself reflecting upon the many exciting training runs that I embarked upon this spring. With that, I have a small confession to make…

I’m a full-blown Instagram addict.

Photography has been a passion of mine since the good ol’ 35mm days back in middle school. As a teenager, I would spend hours on end in the darkroom, tinkering with exposure and dodging/burning to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind images. With the advent of smartphones (and their increasingly powerful cameras), I’ve found that I’m able to once again pursue an interest that keeps my creative juices flowing. Discovering the Instagram community has inspired me to document my trail runs with a fervor I didn’t think I possessed.

Here are a few of my favorite mountain photographs from the 2013 spring season. I’ll probably do a similar recap for my summer running adventures once the season comes to a close…

Out-and-back to Bondcliff and Bond

Bondcliff in the White Mountains of NH

Toby on the Bondcliff Trail

Bear Brook State Park

Bear Brook State Park

White Horse Ledge, South and Middle Moat, Cathedral Ledge

White Horse Ledge in the White Mountains of NH

White Horse Ledge in the White Mountains of NH

White Horse Ledge in the White Mountains of NH

East Side, Thoreau Falls, Pine Island, and Wilderness Trails

Thoreau Falls Trail

Willey, Field, and Tom via Zealand, Ethan Pond, Willey Range, and A-Z Trails

Zealand Trail

Ethan Pond Trail

Zeacliff, as seen from the Ethan Pond Trail

Ethan Pond in the White Mountains of NH

Looking up at the Twinway from the Zealand Trail

Ladders on the Willey Range Trail

Twins and Galehead

North Twin outlook

One Comment

  • Great pics and if that doesn’t make you want to get out on the trail, I don’t know what would. Thanks for sharing these!

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